At Auction

We currently offer the following auction formats for the seller to choose from to sell their assets.

  • Our Weekly Thursday Night Consignment Auction
  • Our Annual Spring Equipment Auction or our Annual Labor Day Equipment Auction
  • Our 16,000 square foot facility for a specific auction date
  • Your location on a specific auction date (On-Location)
  • On-line Timed Auction

Each consignor must complete the consignor’s contract, sign all related forms, and abide by all of the Auction’s Terms and Conditions. 

Our Weekly Thursday Night Consignment Auction allows for the seller to sell one asset and or multiple assets on a weekly basis.  The seller may bring their goods to our facility or for an additional fee the seller may choose to have our staff pack, load and move their goods to our auction facility. If the seller delivers the consigned goods, the seller is also responsible for displaying and setting up their display.  Goods or auction items such as household, general merchandise, antiques, collectibles, furniture and tools are typically the type of items that are sold at our Weekly Thursday Night Consignment Auction.  The goods sold may also be assets of small and large estates, including estate vehicles as well as both small and large individual collections.

Our Annual Spring Equipment Auction and our Annual Labor Day Equipment Auction offer the seller an opportunity to sell items such as: Farm Equipment, Heavy/Construction Equipment, Trucks and Vehicles, lawn and garden machinery, tools as well as all sorts of other farm related items.  The seller may bring those items to our auction facility and our staff will unload the large equipment with a forklift for no charge.  If the seller does not have ability to haul the equipment to our facility, for an additional fee the auction company will move the equipment along with any other sale items to our auction facility for display prior to the scheduled auction.

If the seller has a very large collection of goods the use of our 16,000 sq. ft. facility might be the best option for the seller.  in the event of a bad weather our facility can properly display all goods as well as accommodate both parking and a large audience.

Your location on a specific date is appropriate if the seller has very large collection or accumulation of goods and seller’s location enables a proper display of goods for sale and can accommodate both the parking and a large audience even if weather does not cooperate.

On-line Timed Auction this auction takes place over an extended period of time allowing the bidders to bid via the internet.  The bidders will place bids using their computers, laptops, and or mobile devices.  The bidders are notified by computer if they were the successful bidder.

Whether the auction is conducted at our auction facility or at your location, live or on-line, we can accommodate all Seller’s needs.  For more information regarding our auction services or to schedule a free private consultation, please call our office (410) 754-8826 or contact us via e-mail at